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Free Handphone From Zirang Honda

1 week after i bought Spacy, my dealer call me again. This time he sayed that i may eligible to get free handphone from the dealer. Lucky me because every purchased of new motorcycle in this dealer will get new handphone. So here it is. Not a fancy phone but because this is free i thinks its no problemo. And these is not GSM phone because it us CDMA, bundled with Smartfren operator. Its remaind me with my first (also CDMA) phone bundled with Fren (now Smartfren). Actually this is ZTE with Smartfren logo. After 3 days i manage that the batteries is suck, it run off after 5 hours. It more "batteray sucker" than my Samsung Android phones. Then another problem when blue screen show up my phone will hang and need restart. In this case i need to open the casing and remove the batteray, yeah because its free i cannot protest

Ini Dia Sepeda Buat Yang Suka Bawa Laptop

Bepergian kemana-mana sambil membawa laptop bisa merepotkan, apalagi kalau anda membawa kendaraan yang tidak memiliki bagasi yang besar untuk menaruh laptop kesayangan anda, namun jangan khawatir karena sepeda satu ini dirancang untuk membawa lapto anda. Peugeot DL 122 (bukan mobil lho) didesain untuk lincah bermanuver walaupun dibebani laptop, harganya belum dipastikan, namun tampaknya saya lebih memilih tas saja, tidak memancing perhatian para penjahat jalanan...haha Fitur uniknya adalah tempat penyimpanan laptop bisa dikunci, tentu tidak ada gunanya jika laptop sepeda anda ikut dicuri bukan? Sumber: Gizmag

Picture of My Spacy

Motorcycle is not longlasting product, usually its breaks or got malfunction after 3-4 years. So i think i got some Blufi (my Spacy) picture before its to late.  In term of design, this is not the best design from Honda. Its big, that you make feel need more space to park. Before Spacy, i usually can park my Smash everywhere in parking lot. With this i need to calculate the space to park this big butt motorcycle. The positive is it come with big luggage, a fullface helm can fit in my luggage, but i rarely put my helm in it, instead i fill it with my rain coat, or something else. The bad thing is a gasoline tank capacity also big, it can filled with 5,5 liter gasoline, makes me lost 20.000 Rupiah to fill it up.  From the back, first i think it made in Korea motorcycle, then i realise there are Honda sticker in front of it, so i think Honda recruiting those guys from Korea motorcycle manufacture to design this. Honestly its freaking ugly and make this thing more fat. But i s

Signed The Contract With The Devil

No, im not selling my soul to Devil, but this is something that i wan't to do before, this is about taking a loan to buy motorcycle. Yes the time has passed when 3 or 4 years ago i ride my Grand - bad luck- Astrea, then my father bought me second hand motorcycle, a Suzuki Smash. In first Smash is good motorcycle, reliable, faster than Grand, so i have no reason to buy a new motorcycle. But time has changed, now i get work with minimum salary standart, my Smash become faulty, some of problem occur, first the tyre seem not fit properly, then suspension become uncomortable, the worst is the body is seem to be fell off when i ride fast.  Damn to fix this problem i think need a lot of money, something that i didnt have. So i ask my father to -you know- get financial helped to fix all of problem. Then my father offer a idea, why i am not buy motorcycle? my salary only 900k rupiah but its enough to take a loan. i think first, buying motorcycle is my dream but i dont want to burden my f