Goodbye Holywood Movie

Speaking of ridiculous taxes, I agree to the Indonesian government could put into it. After trying to collect taxes from the rim, now the government taxes of imported films, particularly from Hollywood movies. Guess what? MPA (Motion Picture Asociation) reply to the government's decision to withdraw all outstanding Hollywood movies in theaters nationwide.

Implementation of new regulations on the import of foreign films that do DGT also affect the circulation of European films, Mandarin, and Indian or Bollywood. The importer of Indonesian films are reluctant to bring such films.

Import Film Company Association of Indonesia (IKAPIFI) approve measures to stop the supply of Hollywood films to Indonesia. IKAPIFI was going to stop importing films from Europe, Mandarin, Indian and other world films.

"Because they were not only imported Hollywood films, but films Mandarin, India, and others. All the films in the world, including independent films. The films that will be subject to tax like that too," said spokesman Noorca 21 Cineplex Masardi

So just forget to watch Transformers or Spiderman, or other American films. They're gone.

Its time to watch Indonesian films as below ..

Oh wait, no matter how little the quality of Indonesian films, regardless of national films many scenes of vulgar display, thanks to government tax we still have to watch it, because we DO NOT HAVE OTHER OPTIONS


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