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Museum Mandala Jogjakarta, Part 2

Now let us move into the museum , again in the museum atmosphere is very quiet . When I first entered we took time to see the air force knick- knacks , such as a list of existing rank in the Air Force , or any old photos of the Air Force . Due to time constraints we chose to skip the photos of this interesting and would prefer to find the aircraft that lies within. Recently we were greeted by incoming small aircraft named RI - X , do not underestimate its small because of the RI- X is the forerunner of modern Indonesian aircraft industry developed . Even this plane was once used by the Indonesian to bomb Dutch army headquarters in Semarang , well maybe you think how this small airplane can bomb barrack militer, probably the bomb size is like grenade . But hey atleast they tried : ) . RI - X then retired due to the heavy damage when it bombed in Magelang by communi

LPI Versus LSI

One issue that was busy talking about now is enmity of LPI ( the Premier League Indonesia ) with LSI ( Indonesia Super League ) . LSI is a league that directly under the PSSI settings ( Parent Indonesian soccer organization ) . However, because of dissatisfaction on the performance of LPI PSSI it emerged that aspire to professional football Indonesia . Increasingly complex problems after FIFA supports LSI and threatened to sanction against LPI , the problem now is that people no longer believe in the depravity that occurred in PSSI . Although I'm not a football fan ( and not like none ) but I'm very pleased with the presence of LPI . Three reasons why I like LPI : 1. LPI does not use government money F ootball club under PSSI autority financed team from local government funds - unlike professional team of its revenue from sponsorship , ticket , or the sa

My Journey To South Coast : Pantai Kukup Gunungkidul

You 've heard the town of Gunung kidul , the city may give a negative image ( high rates of poverty , the number of suicide cases ) , but actually Gunungkidul has many interesting attractions . From the central city of Jogjakarta to Gunungkidul takes 3 hours to drive a motorcycle . Travel is tiring but I guarantee you will not be bored . Compared with the North Coast , inter-city roads here are very well maintained , smooth , no holes that disrupt road . In addition, the land contours of the hilly , up and down , through forests provide a green landscape . You 'll feel we 're up the mountain instead of heading to the beach . During the trip we met many car -sized boulders , the ground was rocky , maybe that is causing this difficult area planted with food crops . BTW we headed to the Kukup beach , there are actually 3 locations coast but we chose th

Ghost train crashing into people's houses?

Well any Indonesian people would know if our train services is bad but this incident is very strange , maybe this is the strangest accident number two in Indonesia , after the disappearance of Adam Air plane without a trace. Four train cars derail and crash into people's houses , hmmm it's not unusual is not it? but where the weirdness is the four- carriage train was gliding without power generation , meaning there is no head locomotive pushing or pulling . How could these carriages can walk on his own ? MALANG, - The users of electric train (KRL), majoring in Jakarta-Bogor been shocked with gossip about the existence of ghosts Manggarai train, the train suddenly able to walk alone at night unmanned. In the city of Malang, East Java, a strange incident that is no longer a rumor, but it is really happening on Tuesday (04/12/2010) yesterday. The events that stir Ciptomulyo Village residents, District Ke