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Goodbye Holywood Movie

Speaking of ridiculous taxes , I agree to the Indonesian government could put into it . After trying to collect taxes from the rim , now the government taxes of imported films , particularly from Hollywood movies . Guess what ? MPA (Motion Picture Asociation) reply to the government's decision to withdraw all outstanding Hollywood movies in theaters nationwide. Implementation of new regulations on the import of foreign films that do DGT also affect the circulation of European films, Mandarin, and Indian or Bollywood. The importer of Indonesian films are reluctant to bring such films. Import Film Company Association of Indonesia (IKAPIFI) approve measures to stop the supply of Hollywood films to Indonesia. IKAPIFI was going to stop importing films from Europe, Mandarin, Indian and other world films. "Because they were not only imported Hollywood films, but films Mandarin, India, and others. All the films in the world, including indepe

Starting My Own E-commerce Bussines

Unemployed for almost a year to be a dilemma for me , first my parents think I'm is less useful , and unemployed for a year and not do anything make my Curriculum Vitae ugly . Seriously ... every time you interview will certainly be asked , what are you doing during idle , and the answer " Not doing anything " make yourself become the biggest loser in the eyes of the interviewer . Sadly all my family do not have your own business , my family mostly government employees . But a few days ago I bought a KONTAN magazine on the topic " Step by step to do business on the internet " . Ok I already know about e - commerce for a long time , but I never practice it because it is still confused about what to sell on the internet ? Then an idea came , hey my friend has a leather shoe factory , but he's still having trouble marketing their products , why not help ? Th

My Journey To South Coast : Tamansari

At the end of the tour , we decided to visit the Castle . Since there is the word " Taman = Park " our minds must be reminded of a very large park filled with various flowers . Wrong! In fact, here we will find water , lots of water . Tamansari is king bathing place , or rather swimming pool king . This is where the kings and the royal family to have fun . All around there are magnificent walls like a fortress Normally when we go to the swimming pool is sure to swim , but because it belongs to the king , we should not pollute the clean water Fortunately we can still take pictures with the background of this beautiful building Unfortunately not much we can explore . That's because we have come a half hour before closing ! 5 minutes in the pool , we immediately sen

How much power needed to turn on the micro satellite?

Source JAKARTA - Surabaya State Polytechnic Electronics (PENS) Ten November Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya, is preparing a nano-satellite. The plan, the satellite was launched in 2013. PENS ITS is not alone in this project. He worked with the four public universities (PTN) others who each have a particular focus of work in progress as a whole these nano satellites. For example, the University of Indonesia (UI) in charge of work on communication payload, and the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) has a duty finish Hand On Board Data Link (OBDH). PENS ITS own focus on working on the Control Satellite Attitude Determination (ADCs) or known by the term ground station (satellite in the Earth's surface). In addition they have also Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) and ITS participating in this project. No lag, the institution of the National Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN) is responsible as an expert. Chairman of the satellite project teams PENS Endra Pitowarno explains,

Museum Mandala Jogjakarta, Part 2

Now let us move into the museum , again in the museum atmosphere is very quiet . When I first entered we took time to see the air force knick- knacks , such as a list of existing rank in the Air Force , or any old photos of the Air Force . Due to time constraints we chose to skip the photos of this interesting and would prefer to find the aircraft that lies within. Recently we were greeted by incoming small aircraft named RI - X , do not underestimate its small because of the RI- X is the forerunner of modern Indonesian aircraft industry developed . Even this plane was once used by the Indonesian to bomb Dutch army headquarters in Semarang , well maybe you think how this small airplane can bomb barrack militer, probably the bomb size is like grenade . But hey atleast they tried : ) . RI - X then retired due to the heavy damage when it bombed in Magelang by communi

LPI Versus LSI

One issue that was busy talking about now is enmity of LPI ( the Premier League Indonesia ) with LSI ( Indonesia Super League ) . LSI is a league that directly under the PSSI settings ( Parent Indonesian soccer organization ) . However, because of dissatisfaction on the performance of LPI PSSI it emerged that aspire to professional football Indonesia . Increasingly complex problems after FIFA supports LSI and threatened to sanction against LPI , the problem now is that people no longer believe in the depravity that occurred in PSSI . Although I'm not a football fan ( and not like none ) but I'm very pleased with the presence of LPI . Three reasons why I like LPI : 1. LPI does not use government money F ootball club under PSSI autority financed team from local government funds - unlike professional team of its revenue from sponsorship , ticket , or the sa