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Goodbye Holywood Movie

Speaking ofridiculoustaxes,Iagree tothe Indonesian governmentcouldput intoit.Aftertrying tocollect taxesfrom therim,nowthe governmenttaxesofimportedfilms,particularlyfromHollywoodmovies.Guess what?MPA (Motion Picture Asociation)reply tothe government's decisiontowithdrawalloutstandingHollywoodmoviesintheatersnationwide.

Implementation of new regulations on the import of foreign films that do DGT also affect the circulation of European films, Mandarin, and Indian or Bollywood. The importer of Indonesian films are reluctant to bring such films.

Import Film Company Association of Indonesia (IKAPIFI) approve measures to stop the supply of Hollywood films to Indonesia. IKAPIFI was going to stop importing films from Europe, Mandarin, Indian and other world films.

"Because they were not only imported Hollywood films, but films Mandarin, India, and others. All the films in the world, including independent films. The films that will be subject to tax like that too," said spoke…

Starting My Own E-commerce Bussines

Unemployedfor almost ayearto bea dilemmaforme,first my parentsthinkI'mis lessuseful,andunemployedfora yearandnotdoanythingmakemy Curriculum Vitaeugly.Seriously...everytimeyouinterviewwill certainlybe asked,whatare youdoingduringidle,and theanswer"Notdoing anything" makeyourselfbecomethe biggestloserin theeyes ofthe interviewer.

Sadlyallmy familydo nothaveyour own business,my familymostlygovernment employees.Buta fewdaysagoIboughta KONTAN magazine on the topic "Step bystepto do businessonthe internet".OkIalreadyknowaboute-commercefor a long time,butIneverpractice itbecause itis stillconfused about what tosellon theinternet?

Thenanideacame,heymy friendhas aleathershoefactory, buthe'sstill having troublemarketingtheir products,why nothelp?Then Icontacted her andstarted tomakee-commercesitewithguideKontanmagazine.

My Journey To South Coast : Tamansari

At theend of the tour,wedecidedtovisit theCastle.Sincethere isthe word"Taman = Park"our mindsmust bereminded ofaverylargeparkfilled withvariousflowers.Wrong!In fact,herewewillfindwater,lotsof water.

Tamansariiskingbathing place,or ratherswimmingpoolking.This is wherethekingsandthe royal familyto have fun.All aroundthere aremagnificentwallslike afortress

Normallywhenwegoto the swimmingpoolis sure toswim,butbecauseit belongs tothe king,weshouldnotpollutethecleanwater

Fortunatelywecan stilltake pictureswiththe backgroundof thisbeautiful building

Unfortunatelynotmuchwe canexplore.That's becausewe have comea halfhourbeforeclosing!5minutesinthe pool,weimmediatelysent

How much power needed to turn on the micro satellite?

JAKARTA - Surabaya State Polytechnic Electronics (PENS) Ten November Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya, is preparing a nano-satellite. The plan, the satellite was launched in 2013.

PENS ITS is not alone in this project. He worked with the four public universities (PTN) others who each have a particular focus of work in progress as a whole these nano satellites. For example, the University of Indonesia (UI) in charge of work on communication payload, and the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) has a duty finish Hand On Board Data Link (OBDH). PENS ITS own focus on working on the Control Satellite Attitude Determination (ADCs) or known by the term ground station (satellite in the Earth's surface).

In addition they have also Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) and ITS participating in this project. No lag, the institution of the National Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN) is responsible as an expert.

Chairman of the satellite project teams PENS Endra Pitowarno explains, the s…

Museum Mandala Jogjakarta, Part 2

Now letusmoveintothemuseum,againinthe museumatmosphereis veryquiet.When I firstenteredwetook timeto seethe air forceknick-knacks,such asa listofexistingrankinthe Air Force,or anyoldphotosofthe AirForce.

Due to time constraintswechosetoskipthe photosof thisinterestingandwould prefertofindthe aircraft thatlies within.Recentlywe weregreetedbyincomingsmall aircraftnamedRI-X,do notunderestimateitssmallbecauseofthe RI-Xisthe forerunnerof modernIndonesianaircraftindustrydeveloped.Eventhis planewas once usedby theIndonesiantobomb Dutch army headquartersinSemarang,wellmaybe youthink how this small airplane can bomb barrack militer,probably the bomb size is like grenade .Butheyatleasttheytried:).RI-Xthenretireddue to the heavy damage when it bombed in Magelang by communistrebelinMagelang.Too bad. Oh By the way this plane uses Harley Davidson engine, i dont know that in the past Harley Davidson also build airplane engines

LPI Versus LSI

Oneissuethatwasbusytalking aboutnowisenmityofLPI(the Premier LeagueIndonesia)withLSI(IndonesiaSuperLeague).LSIis aleaguethatdirectlyunder thePSSIsettings(ParentIndonesiansoccerorganization).However,becauseofdissatisfactionon the performance ofLPIPSSIitemergedthataspire toprofessionalfootballIndonesia.IncreasinglycomplexproblemsafterFIFAsupportsLSIandthreatenedto sanctionagainstLPI,the problemnowis that peoplenolongerbelieve in thedepravitythatoccurredinPSSI.

AlthoughI'mnot afootballfan(andnotlikenone)butI'mverypleasedwiththe presence ofLPI.ThreereasonswhyIlikeLPI:

1. LPIdoes notusegovernmentmoney
Football clubunderPSSI autorityfinancedteamfromlocal governmentfunds- unlikeprofessional team ofits revenuefromsponsorship,ticket,orthe sale ofsouvenirs-P