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Museum Mandala Jogjakarta, Part I

OK,surelyone of youconsidergoingto amuseumissomething that isludicrous,especiallyinIndonesia, the profilesof peoplewhogotothe museumareschool studentsorstudentswhoare looking fora reference.Rarely areordinarypeoplewho visit.And theimagewe are going tothe museumso far,bleak,boring,haunted?

Butthis oneisdifferentmuseum,the museumisalwaysdreamedtogo.The museumthatIwanted togosincejunior high school,especiallysince iknowAngkasa Magazine.Yupthisis theMuseum Mandala,Air and SpaceMuseum,orwhatevercanyoucall it,essentiallythisis amuseumdisplayingIndonesian military flying machines.From themagazineIknowthatinthis museumdisplayedmanyIndonesianfighter planes.AndfinallyI had a chancetoMandalaMuseuminJogjakartaonemonthagowithmy friend(whohappened toalsolikethemilitaryandaviation)

So thetwo of us get on a motorcycle.

Send My Face To Space For Free!

Yesterday I visited one of my favorite sites is There is no news about a new company that offers service to send your picture into space at a cost of no more than $ 10. Cheap is not it? but as lovers of free stuff I'm trying to find an alternative from Google. Well after searching I found an interesting NASA site. His name was Face In Space. NASA wants to put a picture of you on one of the two remaining space shuttle missions and launch it into orbit. To launch your face into space. Quite cool is not it? just upload your photo along with the name after that some cropping a bit and you'll get the confirmation page with your flight information.

Is that all? no. Return to this site after launch to print your Flight Certificate - a commemorative certificate signed by the Mission Commander. You can Also check on mission status, view mission photographs, links to Various NASA educational resources and follow the commander and crew on Twitter or Facebook. Woo…

Finally, i feel the volcanic ash

A few weeks ago in Yogyakarta, the province in the south of Java island, again adorn the national news. Mount Merapi, which is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia, erupted again. Effects of volcanic eruptions in the form of material to the other provinces. My city is located on the north side of Java island is relatively safe, but not so with the cities immediately adjacent to the province of Yogyakarta.

Cities like Sleman and Magelang been covered by volcanic ash like snow. Fortunately, in early November I had to take an entrance exam admission official from the Ministry of Agriculture in Magelang. I think this is a good opportunity to see firsthand the situation there.

Once entering the town of Magelang many masks vendors offer wares for Rp 5000. According to the government we are obliged to wear masks because the volcanic ash can cause respiratory disease, the atmosphere in Magelang itself is not too bad. Indeed there is little ash flying through the air but n…