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The New Faculty of Economics Diponegoro University Building On Tembalang

Right after the class of 2005 graduated from Faculty of Economics, Diponegoro University seems to immediately move its campus to Tembalang. For info, previous Undip campus is divided into two regions, namely Undip Bottom (Pleburan) and Undip Top (Tembalang). Science faculty on campus Tembalang which is the development of the old campus.

As a student of the eating, sleeping, studying, playing games around campus Pleburan, I kinda missed the info about the new campus. Early in 2010 it became clearer that all campuses will be moved upwards Undip below. But even until I graduated I had never even entered the gates of the new campus of the Faculty of Economics. Just after the opening of civil service jobs that require verified diploma, I immediately went looking for FE college. Said my friend, among other campuses are far inland Economic campus ... because it's position in the rear, overlooking the hills directly, dealing with elite housing people of Semarang. Truly beauti…

Unexpected Letter From Google Adsense

For me, received a letter is a rare thing. No one had ever sent a letter for me except to collect the internet bill. But last October I received a letter from Google! yes Google. Precisely Google Adsense with a colorful envelope typical Google. The letter contains a voucher to use Google's AdSense service valued at Rp 400.000. Waw it big enough quantities. Offer is valid through November only. Unfortunately because of busy looking for work without felt in November has come, the voucher expire. Never mind, thank you Google for your attention