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Idul Fitri Card

Back when I was a kid still, Lebaran card is a must when Eid arrives. Within a week can receive up to 10 more cards. But that was when Pos Indonesia is still victorious, now with the progress of time, less and less enthused Lebaran card. People maybe think why to spend more than Rp 5000 (Rp 1500 postage costs) if you can send SMS at a cost of Rp 200?
The post office of course was devastated with a decline in shipments Lebaran card, because of it post office makes a free Lebaran card, but the cost of stamps is still there. With this policy we pay enough postage costs Rp 1500, cheaper than usual right? But the adage "there's no free lunch" still applies, this Lebaran card is cheap but there are sponsored links therein. Can be seen in the lower right corner contained the name SUKUN. SUKUN is a major tobacco company in the Kudus.

Front Side On the front side of the envelope seen the women wearing hats, they're making cigarettes by hand, considering the logo below SUKUN of c…

Triathlon : Another Indonesian Concept Car

Tired of the national car design that is less grim? It seems that you will love this car concept. This concept car maker named Triathlon, formally similar to the Humvee. According to his design drawings, this car will use a hybrid engine. But it seems to move the huge needs of oil-fueled engines. This car is in process of manufacture, let's hope that one day the mass production version will be out of the factory. I think there is somewhat disturbing is the picture SHEV said, impressed by "chick" for a masculine car.

Thriathlon Concept Picture

Glass ceiling? wow sounds interesting

Concept Overall


Production : Tubular Chasis

Production : Frame

Big Wheel

From Side

From Rear

To see the development of this car please visit the Owners Facebook, Om Ganis Pribadi