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Are We Going To War??

Malaysia-Indonesia relations warming? hmm boring. Things like this always seems to happen from year to year. Malaysia is always provoking Indonesia, the last case is the Indonesian marine officers who arrested Malaysian police in the Indonesian waters! Could you belive that? Indonesian officials were caught stealing Malaysian fishermen fish in the territory of Indonesia when Malaysia's marine patrol officer arrived and shot the Indonesian. As can be expected this to fuel hatred against Malaysia. Moreover, the Indonesian media proclaim the Indonesian officers arrested and handcuffed like a thief. To the news that Malaysia is probably small, but for Indonesia, this is an abuse of national sovereignty. The Malaysian government can not forever think of this as a minor matter, for the Indonesian people not just state lines but also lines of national pride. Your ship might barge in and out of Indonesian territory, but such actions hurt the people of

US Army Jeep Spotted In Semarang, Central Java

Sometimes if I go to a new place and you will find things interesting. An example of this car. Either this or the restoration of the original car, still very strange to see American military jeeps passed by. With the left wheel of course. This car is in park in a garage behind the Central Java Regional Police headquarters. Repair work also appears to be restoration of ancient cars, I spotted several rusty Chevrolet cars in there. Left wheel, equipped with a heater switch (for whatever), and also an ax. Hmmm you would not want to create a problem with this jeep driver. Is the radio still work?? Ad this is description from Wikipedia. The M151 MUTT was the successor to the Korean War M38 and M38A1 jeep Light Utility Vehicles . It was produced from 1959 through 1982 and served in the Vietnam War . The M151 utilized a monocoque design making it roomier than previous

Travelling All Around Indonesia

If you asked me what my dream is my dream was to get around Indonesia. Indonesia is a large country with nine major islands. I lived in a single one of these, namely Java. Unfortunately for reasons of cost me only once been outside of Java, namely to Bali. But it's been a long time. Then I saw this site Aku Cinta Indonesia This site offers a very attractive opportunity, touring Indonesia, paid for accommodation, and a chance to win money of Rp 100 million. There will be 33 teams in 33 different locations. One team consisted of two people. What should be done is to have fun and retell the trip to the tourist attraction. The most interesting story will win grandprize. I signed up yesterday, and really hope to win. Maybe I wanted to Bali, Sumatra, or Borneo. As long as it does not require to swim. Yeah I probably could not swim or photography but at least I'm still unemployed ... hehehe