A New Concept For Indonesia National Car GEA Appear

Before the government makes low-cost car project, in fact there have been several domestic industry which makes a wide range of cheap cars. One of them is PT INKA (Railway Industry). PT INKA is a state company that makes and designs for the purposes of the railway in the country and overseas. The auto industry seems to attract the attention of INKA to participate designing the car. It gives birth to a small car called the GEA. It must be admitted INKA very expert in designing the train, but to design a car ... sigh .. see the car above, GEA looked ancient even than Mr. Bean cars.

INKA also seem to realize their cars less attractive, therefore INKA collaboration with local design firm based in Surabaya named Vordava. Thus was born the following beautiful

OMG, thats what i called concept car!! A little similar to the Tata Nano, but this one is much better. This car is a solution to urban low-cost car. Below is a direct quote from his website

GEA is an evolution of the Kancil (Generation before GEA). According to the GEA team, this car is categorized as a Micro Car. This car is made to be a solution to urban areas, which in identikkan with the jammed streets, narrow alleys, and poor urban air pollution caused by motor vehicles.

This car is a car that is environmentally friendly, because it is supported by the ability of the GEA is very efficient fuel. GEA provides two convenience in fuel usage, because the GEA can use natural gas and gasoline (in one car). So far PT INKA Madiun GEA has been testing cars with mileage 10 thousand km with a speed of 85 km per hour for cars with 650 cc. GEA car starting price is relatively cheap, because if it was given government permission, PT Inka predict could put a price tag of the GEA at Rp 45 million - Rp 50 million per unit. And do not close the possibility, if market demand is very high, GEA car prices can be much cheaper.

I hope this car could be mass produced, and when the moment comes I also hope've got pekerjaan.Of Course lah where I had the money to buy a car if it did not work?

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