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Daihatsu F Concept VS Boneo National Car

A few days ago I made a prediction Daihatsu F Concept will take the concept of Daihatsu Basketball. Well I was wrong. This is really something new, much smaller than one might imagine. Picture above is the Daihatsu F Concept, to me looks like the Tata Nano Hidrocepalus..hahahaha..sorry for Daihatsu. Below are some picture of Daihatsu F i hope you know why i call it Hydrocephalus car :D Suitable for rural communities. For example, for carrying fertilizer, buying and selling in the market, or perhaps to replace rickshaws F Concept that masculine look makes this farmers' fears. Hahaha just kidding, that "Farmer" is proffesional model dressed with Farmer Costume Rear design looks outdated F Concept also available in 3 type : Cargo, Soft Top Type, and Rugged type. If you want to see directly, quickly came to Indonesia International Motor Show in Jakarta until August 1, 2010 Daihatsu F Concept specifica

A New Concept For Indonesia National Car GEA Appear

Before the government makes low-cost car project, in fact there have been several domestic industry which makes a wide range of cheap cars. One of them is PT INKA (Railway Industry). PT INKA is a state company that makes and designs for the purposes of the railway in the country and overseas. The auto industry seems to attract the attention of INKA to participate designing the car. It gives birth to a small car called the GEA. It must be admitted INKA very expert in designing the train, but to design a car ... sigh .. see the car above, GEA looked ancient even than Mr. Bean cars. INKA also seem to realize their cars less attractive, therefore INKA collaboration with local design firm based in Surabaya named Vordava. Thus was born the following beautiful OMG, thats what i called concept car!! A little similar to the Tata Nano, but this one is much better. This car is a solution to urban low-cost car. Below is a direct quote from his we

Journey To Glory, Effort To Get Work, PLN Here I Come

On 14 yesterday I went to Jogjakarta to gather the necessary paperwork to apply to the PLN (State Electricity Company). Existing positions for the course Human Resource Management, but many of my friends from the register of Marketing Management, so I guess it's okay to submit my application : D I'm with my friend decided to take the vehicle travel, a car that we use is the Toyota Innova. This is the first experience riding Innova. It must be admitted behind the fat shape, space in the Toyota Innova looks compact. Unlike the Toyota Kijang, long box, the interior feels very spacious. In conclusion Innova looks great but solid inside, while the Toyota Kijang looked small but spacious on the inside. One of the interesting things is a very soft seat. Luckily I was just sitting on the bench third row, so I can take naps with ease. It did not take long to realize something strange with this car. See image above. Fo

Time To Break : Back To Village

Vacation time is right because my brother came home from Bandung. We decided to visit his grandfather's house in the countryside. And the return we're invited revoke cassava tree in the garden . Yeah my brother taller than me, and more thin. To reach the house my grandfather had to pass through a narrow bridge which also functions as a water retaining Walking into the garden is not as easy as it sounds. We must pass through the narrow, muddy roads, the left side of the river is deep. Do you believe if we had passed through here wearing a motorcycle? For rural communities cassava can be processed into a variety of delicious hors d'oeuvre. Boil sugar with water become sweet yams, thinly sliced sweet become cassava chips. The easiest way to remove Yam is close to grasp the base of the roots and then pull tight. My brother is more fortunate because he pulled out a

Daihatsu F Concept : Daihatsu For Indonesia

Approximately how much money needed to buy a car in Indonesia? Well all of Indonesia agreed price cheap car averages about $ 11,000, in this price range you could bring home Daihatsu, Toyota, Suzuki, or Hyundai. But it seems that the Indonesian government wanted a cheaper price, they are planning projects cheaper and environmentally friendly cars. The question in my head, how the government ordered the auto industry makes cars cheaper but environmentally friendly? Have you ever seen an ordinary person like me and you driving a hybrid car? Hybrid car or electric car looks like something that is not affordable by common people due to its price. Now the government wants to make environmentally friendly cars by price range $ 7,000 - $ 8,000. Government's desire was welcomed by the car manufacturer. Daihatsu one of Indonesia's largest car manufacturer has expressed his readiness to make cheap cars government at will. The project was later renamed Daihatsu Daihatsu F

World Cup Special Edition Stamp

I am sure many of us during this month late in the excitement of World Cup. In uncertain economic time, terrorists wandering, and security is decreasing, the presence of the World Cup becomes a cool oasis of our minds. And the business world, too, seemed not to waste the chance that there's only four years. If you're a philatelists then the good news is Pos Indonesia issued a special stamp the World Cup. If you thought buying a stamp is useless, think again!. Because of PT Pos Indonesia also provides an opportunity to win a sweepstakes prize of a car. How? All you need is the money of Rp 6000. You'll get one boklet World Cup. One boklet containing four stamps (@ Rp 1500) and two postcards. If you're a lover of stamps, buy and store them in the chest hehe, but if you really want to get the prize then you can go to the second step, cut two postcards from the booklet with scissors and glue each one stamp. You were still have two stamps right? keep it.