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Enhancement Security In Bank Mandiri ATM

After a burglary case ATM bloom a few weeks ago seemed the bank began to improve security. One of the most striking is the addition of the barrier view above Numpad. Apparently this is new feature because a few days ago I did not find this extra. And all ATM Bank Mandiri also seems to make it as a featured extra mandatory. As a consumer banking products we are also required to be careful, below are some tips so that your data does not change hands:

The first mode, the perpetrator stole ATM card digital data customers with a built-in Skimmer ATM machine. Then to steal customer PIN number, the perpetrators use the help of surveillance cameras installed in the ATM space or by direct peering when customers type in your PIN number. Executors then copy data to a fake card and then drain the savings account.

When this happens, barrier views is very usefull.

The second mode, players put a device in the ATM machine to clamp the card when the customer inserts the card. Perpetrators also installe…

Laskar Pelangi welcomed Masaryk University Students

Detik- Brno - George Perez Student Business Adminsitration from Madrid, Spain, admitted had shed tears. While Ashlee from Tennessee, United States, surprised by the quality of Indonesian films.

After becoming a guest at the Zlín Film International Film Festival 2009 and played as the opening film at the Film Festival-Indonesia to 3 in Prague in 2009, the film 'Laskar Pelangi' return was greeted warmly by the public in the Czech Republic.

This time with an audience of students from various countries in the Faculty of Economics Building, Unibersitas Masaryk, Brno, 11.3.2010.

Watched by around 200 students from various countries in the second largest city in the Czech Republic, with the support of the phenomenal film starring Belitung children are getting a lot of positive comments.

In addition to Czech students, many students from various countries specially come to watch Laskar Pelangi. George Perez Student Business Adminsitration from Madrid, Spain, admitted menitikan had seen the…

Claim Careful Meatballs as Original Indonesian Food

JAKARTA, - Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Kemenbudpar) requested Traders Association and Meatballs Noodles Indonesia or Indonesia trace the history Apmiso meatballs before claiming it as a typical Indonesian original menu.

"We have traced its history first before you claim it as a typical Indonesian original menu," said Director General of Tourism Destination Development Kemenbudpar, Firmansyah Rahim, in Jakarta, Monday (8/3/2010).

The statement was submitted related Apmiso plan to make meatballs as an Indonesian-style menus that go international.

Are working Apmiso meatballs can be presented to the President of the United States, Barack Obama, during a visit to Indonesia, the end of next March. That way, meatballs can be branded as an international menu as vietnam noodles (pho ga), which is now worldwide after presented to Bill Clinton during his visit to Vietnam.

"Be careful with that, because our knowledge of meatballs was originally not native to Indonesia,…

What Obama Eat First When Visit to Indonesia?

US Embassy in Indonesia released special application for wellcome President Obama to Indonesia, you can see here. In this application there should be 3 main functions, namely what foods proposed by Facebooker for Obama, what clothes to wear and traditional drinks. But so far only a traditional food to choose from. It seems that others will soon follow. Food choices there are five:

The rambutan, Nephelium lappaceum, is a fruit considered exotic to people outside of its native range. To people of Malaysia, Thailand, the Phillippines, Vietnam, Borneo, and other countries of this region, the rambutan is a relatively common fruit the same way an apple is common to many people in cooler climates. This may change for the rambutan over time as availability and distribution improve. Rambutan may come from the word "rambut=hair". Because of this fruit seems to have hair on the outer shell. But believe me, this fruit is very sweet.


Rendang is a dish which originated f…

FE Undip Dies Natalis (1)

This week is very special because our faculty, Economic Faculty of Universitas Diponegoro celebrate Dies Natalis. For students like me the Dies Natalis means 2 things, namely food and doorprices :D . Dies this time to set up 3 tents, one in front of the car park, one in front of the D III and the other in futsal field. But most of our attention is that in front of the D III because there are many food booths. Yaii it smells nice and the food's name, too weird, there was ice pocong, fried ice cream, cireng, but there are also food "normal" like the satay, meatballs, ice syrup.

As you can see, a little hard to get a seat because it was very crowded at all. These booths are owned by FE students themselves, students are competing with each other as the best stand, because it is not surprising that many who offer food and beverages to the faculty room.

after looking around there we finally chose fried ice cream for a unique name (how to fry ice cream?) In my mind li…

Muhammadiyah, Bloomberg, and Cigarette

As the second largest Islamic organization in Indonesia. Muhammadiyah certainly have an obligation to lead its members into a good Muslim person. After the Indonesian Ulama Council gives the law "haram/forbidden" for cigarettes some time ago, now also gives the status of Muhammadiyah also haram for a cigarette.

Unfortunately the issue of "Haram" is shifted to other issues after the fact revealed that the Muhammadiyah received funds from Bloomberg Initiative To Reduce Tobacco Use
Grants Program. Many comments on the internet that says that Muhammadiyah paid to issue a fatwa haram. Furthermore there is a link instead of this fund with the American Jewish intervention. As we know in Indonesia, said the United States especially the Jews have a bad perception, Bloomberg is the mayor of New York's Jewish.

(quoted from the site Tibacco Grant)
To mobilizepublic Obtaining support towards religious policy on tobacco control and to support FCTC accession

The projec…

LIPI Small Hybrid Car

JAKARTA, - In the Eco Products International Fair, which runs from March 4-7, there are enough interesting things in the automotive field, but lack of attention, which is environmentally friendly cars by the sons and daughters of Indonesia. Both, hybrid and electric cars in the booth Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI).

Both cars are less interesting because one of them is the output Super Kijang the early 1990s, and another small hatchback. It's just that, writing on the side of the car was quite attractive to certain people. Super Kijang written on "The 1st Electric Car Conversion". Meanwhile, another "The 1st Hybrid Vehicle Elecric". Interestingly again, this hybrid cars if mass-constrained, cost of production is estimated at Rp 50 million.

Both cars were found by chance because some journalists waited for the announcement of the winner of the Toyota Eco Youth with a stage in front of the booth LIPI. If not, could be overlooked.

Based on the info…

Twitter Trending Topic : What The Hell Pocong is it?

Hai, i found this in Twitter Trending Topic on 4 March. Many of you may be wondering what it actually pocong it is. Well Pocong, or shroud is a term that refers to the body wrapped in a shroud. The term is derived from the Javanese language, but later expanded its use in the Indonesian language. Imposition shroud is usually done after the body was bathed, and the main body of the seven holes (two eyes, two nostrils, two ears, and anus) stuffed cotton. pocong is one of the most famous ghost in Indonesia. Usually pocong appearance is because when buried, pocong strap is not removed cause restless spirit.

Depictions pocong vary. Say, pocong have green faces with empty eyes. The other portrayal states, pocong flat-faced and has a hole or hollow eyes closed cotton with pale white faces. Those who believe in ghosts assumes, pocong is a form of protest from the dead who had forgotten to open kafannya bond before his grave was closed.

Although pocong often portrayed in the film jumping moves, t…

Floating PLTD, Wonders of the World Tour Tsunami

BANDA ACEH, - Diesel Power Plant is expected to Floating one of the wonders of the world for a remarkable history that is not owned elsewhere.

"We expect diesel Floating become one of the wonders of the world because it is very unusual because the power of God can be in the neighborhood. It is a miracle tsunami," the mayor said Nurdin Mawardy Banda Aceh in Banda Aceh, on Saturday (27/2/2010) the night, on the degree of cultural friendship night RRI Banda Aceh, Radio Television Malaysia (RTM).

Mayor Mawardy Nurdin said that the City Government of Banda Aceh was kept up the diesel Floating install on the fence with the process expected to be completed this year. Floating diesel tour is planned to be the location of the tsunami as the site indicating that terrible tsunami disaster had struck the coast of Aceh and Nias, December 26, 2004.

Before the tsunami, diesel Floating providing electrical energy of about 10 megawatts for the citizens of Banda Aceh. Floating barges …

3 Watt Lamp Only In Indonesia

JAKARTA, - To support the Energy Saving Light Village 2010, PT Philips Indonesia produces special energy-saving lamps (CFL-1) size 3 Watt and 5 Watt. The lights are a special type of intentionally produced cheaply accessible to lower middle income people.

"Although low cost, high quality energy saving lamps with other Philips products. The lights are actually have their own advantages, which may help efficiency of electric energy consumption so that the automatic effect on the electric bill cost reduction," said Hendra Rusmana Liu, Senior Marketing Manager at Philips Commercial lighting, when found in the inauguration of Energy Efficient Light Village 2010 in Jakarta, Wednesday (24/2/2010).

In addition to affordable prices and its impact on electrical energy efficiency, energy saving lamps Philips produced in special shapes and sizes, ie, 3 Watt and 5 Watt. He said, Philips light measuring only 3 watts and produced in Indonesia.

"Light 3 Watt size is only availa…