Total Indonesia Car Sales Down in 2009, but Push Target

JAKARTA, - Hope sunny automotive business wheel travel shining at the end of 2010 last year. National car market in 2009 recorded sales total 486,662 units. Indeed, the number was down 19.9 percent from 607,805 units achieved in 2008. Despite the fall, that number actually exceeds the previous prediction.

When the storm came the financial crisis hit in early 2009, the automotive business, including the Motor Vehicle Industry Association of Indonesia (Gaikindo) predicts the market will only 350000-400000 units, or 40-45 percent. In fact, the market capable of surpassing targat to 86,662 units.

Bright rays confidence not just look at the total sales. From the data received, the car market in December rose 22 percent to 48,414 units compared to the same month in 2008 for 39,651 units. In fact, compared to November 2009, the market in December rose 0.1 percent from just 48,329 units.

Toyota is still the lead with a total of 186,687 unit sales of 77,513 units followed by Daihatsu. Furthermore, 61,735 units registered Mitsubishi, Suzuki (44,689 units), and Honda (40,590 units).

Vice Chairman Rizwan Alamsjah Gaikindo said the business climate in the automotive sector had started conducive entering the second semester. This is marked by the strengthening of the rupiah and lower interest. Two of these factors could boost the car market.

Explained, the new car market stabilized since the second half ago, and began to climb in October to December. Even many holidays in December did not make the brand holder sole agents (ATPM) reduce the production of cars. "Last year was overshadowed by the market crisis that is still down quite sharply compared to 2008," says Rizwan.

Marketing Director of PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) Trisanyoto Joko once explained, the financial crisis is still volatile in the early years of a number of purchases made after the second semester. "Some companies decided to spend the budget this year by buying a car at the end of the year," said Joko.

DAIHATSU8.565 77.513
MITSUBISHI6.110 61.735
SUZUKI3.776 44.689
HONDA3.585 40.590
NISSAN2.538 21.440
ISUZU1.287 15.236
MAZDA 252 1.543
LAINNYA2.961 37.229
TOTAL48.414 486.662


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