Pesantren Also Use Facebook

Bogor (ANTARA News) - Despite some opposition, the community of a boarding school in Bogor, West Java, instead using the social networking site, facebook, as a means to facilitate their communication.

"Facebook has become a requirement for all circles, including boarding schools. Through a network that can communicate online with anyone, whenever and wherever he is," said nanny Miftahul Ulum Islamic boarding schools Bogor City, KH Fithrie Fachrurrozie Fuad, told AFP Sunday.

According to Fuad is also user facebook, social networking pages are now touched all levels of society, not excluding the pesantren.

Communication via facebook more efficient and effective. "And facebook can be a vehicle bersilaturrahmi, exchange ideas, and information. I think a lot of positive side can be learned from the use of facebook," he said.

For example pesantren community, he said, through facebook you may discuss current issues surrounding the fiqh and other Islamic world's information.

Associated with the unlawful use of facebook fatwas by the kiai and students joined in the Consultative Forum Pesantren Putri (FMP3) as East Java some time ago, he admitted less agreed.

"As a technology and media communications, facebook many benefits. So do not haraam. If prohibited, may be abuse by some who did not heed the norms and ethics of religion," he said.

While Abdul Halim Yahya from Pondok Pesantren Daarul Rahman, Leuwiliang, Bogor Regency argues that facebook has now become a kind of forum Silaturrahim.

Even more than Silaturrahim forums as a vehicle to achieve public space open to anyone, and can be used to express opinions without censorship.

Halim argued, the benefits of facebook so great that it was only natural that the pesantren community started to use it in order not blind to the latest information.

"In fact, facebook has now become an alternative media to promote the interests of the people, as in the case of Cicak vs Crocodiles and Prita Mulyasari RS Omni opponent," he said.

The use facebook in Indonesia in recent months showed significant improvement. The average increase in users in Indonesia per month reached 10 percent, beating the United States with only five per cent.

Based on a survey by Inside Facebook "e-marketers' recently, Indonesia occupied the second rank facebook users after the United States, followed later the Philippines, Turkey, Italy and India.


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