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Campus for Drug rehabilitation

JAKARTA, - To help reduce dependence on drug addicts, the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) provides a specific campus. Campus was named Campus Therapy and Rehabilitation Unit (Unitra) in the village BNN Wates Jaya, Lido, Bogor, West Java.

Drug addicts in Indonesia could get free treatment in this place. Head of Public Relations BNN, Sumirat Dwiyanto explained, Unitra BNN Campus has been operating since 2006. Campus is located in an area of 12 hectares with 500 person seating capacity.

"Now the number of students or the drug addicts we deal with 300 people. They come from all over Indonesia," said Sumirat told reporters on the sidelines of the Conference on Narcotics Observer journalist Musro Cafe, Hotel Borobudur, Sawahbesar, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (9 / 2 / 2010).

According Sumirat, it does not collect any fees to the drug addicts who were quarantined there. Anyone can become a student on campus with the requirements of an easy and straightforward.

"The students…

Farmers account mysteriously increased to Rp13 Trillion ($ 1382611007.7107), Teller whispers

Image - Farmers from Pare Pare, who had an abundance Alimin mysterious fund of Rp13 trillion ($ 1382611007.7107) in accounts owned Bank Mandiri, Bank Mandiri ask the honest, about the origin of the money.

According to the Mountain Road residents please No. 21, District Bacukiki Pare Pare in South Sulawesi Lumpue is he does not expect to have the money, but he hoped the Bank Mandiri frank about what happened, because the funds are very large.

Alimin explained earlier known Rp13 trillion is money in the account that started when she fell ill and had Pare Hospital 5 November 2008 for five days because of shortness of breath.

At that time he claimed to have the cash, so to finance the treatment he did not request a withdrawal of money from the bank or ATM.

But after leaving the hospital, and should be treated the way that requires funding. Alimin also had received remittances Rp1, 3 million ($ 138.2611) of his first son, Agus Suryana Batulicin living in Borneo.

To withdraw, sent…

National Car Gea Apply EFI Technology

JAKARTA, - national car production PT Inka, Gea, continue to experience development, especially the technology side. To pursue gas emission levels of the minimum in Indonesia Euro2, Gea will employ advanced electronic fuel injection or EFI start mid this year.

Coordinator of the National Strategic Competitive Research (Rusnas) Engine Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT), Nyoman be honest, explain, current local production machines used Gea still use carburetors. Research process are now being made to use the EFI system on the machine.

"My target this year could be applied. Tahunlah Ages. It is still in its EFI mapping. If it's installed, is easy to reach Euro2," said the Nyoman, recently.

He explained, machines used Gea capacity with 500 cc two-cylinder BPPT development results, and have local content to 98 percent. In addition, the engine has undergone test of endurance and can operate for 100 hours non-stop.

Currently, BPPT i…

Pindad work with Krakatau Steel produces military weapon

INILAH.COM, Depok - PT Pindad took PT Krakatau Steel to fulfillment of raw materials assault rifle barrel (SS) TNI many variants

"So far, the raw material for the barrel, we import from Germany, Italy and other countries," said Director of Weapons Systems PT Pindad Slamet Irianto in Depok, Monday (8 / 2).

He argues, an assessment of cooperation with PT KS has lasted four months, especially to ensure the actual material, physical, other dimensions and to comply with the required technical specifications of TNI.

So far, more Slamet, it produces assault rifle with an effective range of 300 meters, according to military needs. "So, we have to align again with the raw materials that PT Krakatau, whether support for it or not," he said.

Slamet said the current PT Pindad has a production capacity of 14,000 guns per year. However, the TNI absorption only 10,000 per year range.

"We are not able to supply the military for granted, because it all depends on the available budg…

What Is The Popular Vehicle In Indonesia?

Each country has their own taste of the cars they buy. If you live in Indonesia, be prepared to accept the fact that the best-selling car is the type of MPV. Why do people like Indonesia MPV? I think because the Indonesian people live in large families. Unlike our friends from the western, Indonesian people are still choosing to live with his parents, despite being married. Often also found in one house lived 3 generations at once. Because it has a car that can haul the whole family is a rational choice.

Since the 80s we have been familiar with the Toyota Kijang and the Isuzu Panther. Once when we talk Toyota Kijang be related to the family car. But now so many choices available, let us look at an example:

Based on combined data Indonesian Motor Vehicle Industry (Gaikindo) received Legal, cars like the Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia, Suzuki APV and retain the market share of four-wheel vehicles in the country.


New Rule On Borobudur Temple

The tourists who visit the temple of Borobudur in Central Java have to wear clothes that cover their legs. Visitors who do not close her legs to wear a sarong. This was done to respect the holy places. Borobudur temple visitors will get a holster that is shared freely. Besides the visitors also had to wear plastic sandals to protect the floor of the temple. Rules wearing long gloves worn on the temples in Bali. Borobudur Temple attract 2.5 million late last year. Temple is entered in one of UNESCO world heritage list


Pesantren Also Use Facebook

Bogor (ANTARA News) - Despite some opposition, the community of a boarding school in Bogor, West Java, instead using the social networking site, facebook, as a means to facilitate their communication.

"Facebook has become a requirement for all circles, including boarding schools. Through a network that can communicate online with anyone, whenever and wherever he is," said nanny Miftahul Ulum Islamic boarding schools Bogor City, KH Fithrie Fachrurrozie Fuad, told AFP Sunday.

According to Fuad is also user facebook, social networking pages are now touched all levels of society, not excluding the pesantren.

Communication via facebook more efficient and effective. "And facebook can be a vehicle bersilaturrahmi, exchange ideas, and information. I think a lot of positive side can be learned from the use of facebook," he said.

For example pesantren community, he said, through facebook you may discuss current issues surrounding the fiqh and other Islamic world's informatio…
I found this on my friend's Facebook site. It looks for fun, after all, this is funny. If you understand Java language i m sure its more funny

Total Indonesia Car Sales Down in 2009, but Push Target

JAKARTA, - Hope sunny automotive business wheel travel shining at the end of 2010 last year. National car market in 2009 recorded sales total 486,662 units. Indeed, the number was down 19.9 percent from 607,805 units achieved in 2008. Despite the fall, that number actually exceeds the previous prediction.

When the storm came the financial crisis hit in early 2009, the automotive business, including the Motor Vehicle Industry Association of Indonesia (Gaikindo) predicts the market will only 350000-400000 units, or 40-45 percent. In fact, the market capable of surpassing targat to 86,662 units.

Bright rays confidence not just look at the total sales. From the data received, the car market in December rose 22 percent to 48,414 units compared to the same month in 2008 for 39,651 units. In fact, compared to November 2009, the market in December rose 0.1 percent from just 48,329 units.

Toyota is still the lead with a total of 186,687 unit sales of 77,513 units followed by…

Ke Muria (Lagi)

Sebagai warga Kudus saya sering melupakan satu hal, yaitu kalau Kudus memiliki gunung. Mungkin karena sering tertutup awan jadi sepertinya kota Kudus ini datar-datar saja. Ketika hujan datang dan awan pergi nah barulah nampak keindahan kota Kudus yang berlatar gunung Muria. Beberapa minggu kemarin saya menyempatkan diri mengantar temen dari Kebomen ke gunung Muria bersama penduduk lokal bernama Indra. Lokal ya karena rumahnya di Lau atau di kaki gunung Muria. Alhamdulillah karena sedang musim hujan maka air terjunnya deras sekali, bedalah dibanding musim kemarau.