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Museum Mandala Jogjakarta, Part I

OK,surelyone of youconsidergoingto amuseumissomething that isludicrous,especiallyinIndonesia, the profilesof peoplewhogotothe museumareschool studentsorstudentswhoare looking fora reference.Rarely areordinarypeoplewho visit.And theimagewe are going tothe museumso far,bleak,boring,haunted?

Butthis oneisdifferentmuseum,the museumisalwaysdreamedtogo.The museumthatIwanted togosincejunior high school,especiallysince iknowAngkasa Magazine.Yupthisis theMuseum Mandala,Air and SpaceMuseum,orwhatevercanyoucall it,essentiallythisis amuseumdisplayingIndonesian military flying machines.From themagazineIknowthatinthis museumdisplayedmanyIndonesianfighter planes.AndfinallyI had a chancetoMandalaMuseuminJogjakartaonemonthagowithmy friend(whohappened toalsolikethemilitaryandaviation)

So thetwo of us get on a motorcycle.

Send My Face To Space For Free!

Yesterday I visited one of my favorite sites is There is no news about a new company that offers service to send your picture into space at a cost of no more than $ 10. Cheap is not it? but as lovers of free stuff I'm trying to find an alternative from Google. Well after searching I found an interesting NASA site. His name was Face In Space. NASA wants to put a picture of you on one of the two remaining space shuttle missions and launch it into orbit. To launch your face into space. Quite cool is not it? just upload your photo along with the name after that some cropping a bit and you'll get the confirmation page with your flight information.

Is that all? no. Return to this site after launch to print your Flight Certificate - a commemorative certificate signed by the Mission Commander. You can Also check on mission status, view mission photographs, links to Various NASA educational resources and follow the commander and crew on Twitter or Facebook. Woo…

Finally, i feel the volcanic ash

A few weeks ago in Yogyakarta, the province in the south of Java island, again adorn the national news. Mount Merapi, which is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia, erupted again. Effects of volcanic eruptions in the form of material to the other provinces. My city is located on the north side of Java island is relatively safe, but not so with the cities immediately adjacent to the province of Yogyakarta.

Cities like Sleman and Magelang been covered by volcanic ash like snow. Fortunately, in early November I had to take an entrance exam admission official from the Ministry of Agriculture in Magelang. I think this is a good opportunity to see firsthand the situation there.

Once entering the town of Magelang many masks vendors offer wares for Rp 5000. According to the government we are obliged to wear masks because the volcanic ash can cause respiratory disease, the atmosphere in Magelang itself is not too bad. Indeed there is little ash flying through the air but n…

The New Faculty of Economics Diponegoro University Building On Tembalang

Right after the class of 2005 graduated from Faculty of Economics, Diponegoro University seems to immediately move its campus to Tembalang. For info, previous Undip campus is divided into two regions, namely Undip Bottom (Pleburan) and Undip Top (Tembalang). Science faculty on campus Tembalang which is the development of the old campus.

As a student of the eating, sleeping, studying, playing games around campus Pleburan, I kinda missed the info about the new campus. Early in 2010 it became clearer that all campuses will be moved upwards Undip below. But even until I graduated I had never even entered the gates of the new campus of the Faculty of Economics. Just after the opening of civil service jobs that require verified diploma, I immediately went looking for FE college. Said my friend, among other campuses are far inland Economic campus ... because it's position in the rear, overlooking the hills directly, dealing with elite housing people of Semarang. Truly beauti…

Unexpected Letter From Google Adsense

For me, received a letter is a rare thing. No one had ever sent a letter for me except to collect the internet bill. But last October I received a letter from Google! yes Google. Precisely Google Adsense with a colorful envelope typical Google. The letter contains a voucher to use Google's AdSense service valued at Rp 400.000. Waw it big enough quantities. Offer is valid through November only. Unfortunately because of busy looking for work without felt in November has come, the voucher expire. Never mind, thank you Google for your attention

Idul Fitri Card

Back when I was a kid still, Lebaran card is a must when Eid arrives. Within a week can receive up to 10 more cards. But that was when Pos Indonesia is still victorious, now with the progress of time, less and less enthused Lebaran card. People maybe think why to spend more than Rp 5000 (Rp 1500 postage costs) if you can send SMS at a cost of Rp 200?
The post office of course was devastated with a decline in shipments Lebaran card, because of it post office makes a free Lebaran card, but the cost of stamps is still there. With this policy we pay enough postage costs Rp 1500, cheaper than usual right? But the adage "there's no free lunch" still applies, this Lebaran card is cheap but there are sponsored links therein. Can be seen in the lower right corner contained the name SUKUN. SUKUN is a major tobacco company in the Kudus.

Front Side On the front side of the envelope seen the women wearing hats, they're making cigarettes by hand, considering the logo below SUKUN of c…

Triathlon : Another Indonesian Concept Car

Tired of the national car design that is less grim? It seems that you will love this car concept. This concept car maker named Triathlon, formally similar to the Humvee. According to his design drawings, this car will use a hybrid engine. But it seems to move the huge needs of oil-fueled engines. This car is in process of manufacture, let's hope that one day the mass production version will be out of the factory. I think there is somewhat disturbing is the picture SHEV said, impressed by "chick" for a masculine car.

Thriathlon Concept Picture

Glass ceiling? wow sounds interesting

Concept Overall


Production : Tubular Chasis

Production : Frame

Big Wheel

From Side

From Rear

To see the development of this car please visit the Owners Facebook, Om Ganis Pribadi

Are We Going To War??

Malaysia-Indonesia relations warming? hmm boring. Things like this always seems to happen from year to year. Malaysia is always provoking Indonesia, the last case is the Indonesian marine officers who arrested Malaysian police in the Indonesian waters! Could you belive that?

Indonesian officials were caught stealing Malaysian fishermen fish in the territory of Indonesia when Malaysia's marine patrol officer arrived and shot the Indonesian. As can be expected this to fuel hatred against Malaysia. Moreover, the Indonesian media proclaim the Indonesian officers arrested and handcuffed like a thief. To the news that Malaysia is probably small, but for Indonesia, this is an abuse of national sovereignty. The Malaysian government can not forever think of this as a minor matter, for the Indonesian people not just state lines but also lines of national pride. Your ship might barge in and out of Indonesian territory, but such actions hurt the people of Indonesia, their ances…

US Army Jeep Spotted In Semarang, Central Java

Sometimes if I go to a new place and you will find things interesting.An example of this car.Either this or the restoration of the original car, still very strange to see American military jeeps passed by.With the left wheel of course.

This car is in park in a garage behind the Central Java Regional Police headquarters.Repair work also appears to be restoration of ancient cars, I spotted several rusty Chevrolet cars in there.

Left wheel, equipped with a heater switch (for whatever), and also an ax. Hmmm you would not want to create a problem with this jeep driver.

Is the radio still work??

Ad this is description from Wikipedia.

The M151 MUTT was the successor to the Korean War M38 and M38A1jeepLight Utility Vehicles. It was produced from 1959 through 1982 and served in the Vietnam War. The M151 utilized a monocoque design making it roomier than previous jeep designs, and incorporated an independent suspension with coil springs. It has since been replaced by the larger AM General HMMWVW in …

Travelling All Around Indonesia

If you asked me what my dream is my dream was to get around Indonesia. Indonesia is a large country with nine major islands. I lived in a single one of these, namely Java. Unfortunately for reasons of cost me only once been outside of Java, namely to Bali. But it's been a long time. Then I saw this site

Aku Cinta Indonesia

This site offers a very attractive opportunity, touring Indonesia, paid for accommodation, and a chance to win money of Rp 100 million. There will be 33 teams in 33 different locations. One team consisted of two people. What should be done is to have fun and retell the trip to the tourist attraction. The most interesting story will win grandprize.

I signed up yesterday, and really hope to win. Maybe I wanted to Bali, Sumatra, or Borneo. As long as it does not require to swim. Yeah I probably could not swim or photography but at least I'm still unemployed ... hehehe

Daihatsu F Concept VS Boneo National Car

A few days ago I made a prediction Daihatsu F Concept will take the concept of Daihatsu Basketball. Well I was wrong. This is really something new, much smaller than one might imagine. Picture above is the Daihatsu F Concept, to me looks like the Tata Nano Hidrocepalus..hahahaha..sorry for Daihatsu. Below are some picture of Daihatsu F

i hope you know why i call it Hydrocephalus car :D

Suitable for rural communities. For example, for carrying fertilizer, buying and selling in the market, or perhaps to replace rickshaws

F Concept that masculine look makes this farmers' fears. Hahaha just kidding, that "Farmer" is proffesional model dressed with Farmer Costume

Rear design looks outdated

F Concept also available in 3 type : Cargo, Soft Top Type, and Rugged type. If you want to see directly, quickly came to Indonesia International Motor Show in Jakarta until August 1, 2010

Daihatsu F Concept specifications :

* Dimensions (length x width x height): 2.925 x 1.295 x 1.690
* …

A New Concept For Indonesia National Car GEA Appear

Before the government makes low-cost car project, in fact there have been several domestic industry which makes a wide range of cheap cars. One of them is PT INKA (Railway Industry). PT INKA is a state company that makes and designs for the purposes of the railway in the country and overseas. The auto industry seems to attract the attention of INKA to participate designing the car. It gives birth to a small car called the GEA. It must be admitted INKA very expert in designing the train, but to design a car ... sigh .. see the car above, GEA looked ancient even than Mr. Bean cars.

INKA also seem to realize their cars less attractive, therefore INKA collaboration with local design firm based in Surabaya named Vordava. Thus was born the following beautiful

OMG, thats what i called concept car!! A little similar to the Tata Nano, but this one is much better. This car is a solution to urban low-cost car. Below is a direct quote from his website

GEA is an evolution of the Kancil (…